Copper Bathtub: Turn Your Bathroom Into an Antique Heaven Royalty

Copper Bathtub has always had an antique appeal that gives a room a time-tested vintage character. A freestanding copper bathtub makes an impressive feature in both traditional and contemporary schemes. But it may also be a significant investment, with prices ranging from £3,000 to £10,000. So if a copper tub is your idea for a shower, make sure you know the pros and cons before jumping in… The rustic bronze look will make it the center of attention in any style bathroom! It has a charm that easily impresses everyone, but lovers of all things rustic will be able to appreciate it even more. If you dream of soaking in a vintage bathtub that transports you to another era, a copper bathtub is the perfect thing for you!

Striking Vintage Upgrade

Maybe your bathroom already looks rustic and old-fashioned, but maybe it’s more on the modern side. Either way, a copper tub is a good choice! It would perfectly match the rest of a rustic interior or be one of those vintage elements that feels like the soul of the room!

The large, bright bathroom with the copper bathtub in the center is a sight for sore eyes! The copper bronze color matches the polished hardwood floor perfectly!

In Hot Water luxurious shiny copper bathtub

Copper is a great conductor of heat. This means that when the tub is filled, the water maintains an even temperature. It will also stay hotter longer, better than in a cast iron tub, for example. So copper is ideal if you like long, relaxing soaks. Some copper tubs are coated with another material, such as nickel or enamel. This option may be less expensive than a pure copper bath. Nickel conducts heat well, though not as well as copper. The enameled interior offers a more traditional look.

Better hygiene?

Copper has antimicrobial properties, which means it can kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses – including Covid-19. ‘Copper kills bacteria and viruses without the aid of cleaning products,’ Easier and eco-friendly cleaning is definitely a bonus.

This copper tub has a matte bronze tint and is therefore a darker part for a bathroom with a mystical, dim vibe!
This type of tub is deep with high sides, and offers a more upright shower experience than standard tubs. But the shoulders and knees are always submerged in water. So you can still soak and relax comfortably.

Bath like royalty in a shiny copper bath that will make you feel luxurious every time you use it! If you’re styling a bathroom that needs to look noble and glamorous, this tub is the piece you need!

For more versatility, use a tub that only has a copper exterior. The combination of such materials will make the bathroom appear more attractive and unique!

If lying in the tub isn’t a priority for you and you’re more of a jacuzzi type of person, go for a round copper tub that will feel like your own private hot tub!

Copper bath tubs really have the potential to thrive in even the darkest of bathrooms. It has a polished and shiny look and the power to captivate anyone who sees it, literally making them forget the lack of lighting.

A copper bathtub will quickly become the most striking part of your entire home and one you always love to flaunt! No need to fill the bathroom with flashy decorative elements

The raw look of a copper bath is perfect for a bathroom that relies heavily on natural components. It will go well with wooden elements and bare brick walls!
If there were more pieces of copper in the bathroom, you would soon find yourself in bronze heaven full of very strong antique vibes and your bathroom might become your favorite room in the house!

Rustic Perfection for Every Setting

A copper tub is a great rustic element to add to your bathroom. It’s a way of bringing something raw and rustic into a space that usually feels very clean and sterile. Copper has a lot of flexibility, so it never feels out of place or like it doesn’t belong; somehow it always fits!

When you are inside the round tub, you feel elegance and simplicity, but when you step outside, you see a sparkling rustic look! The whole piece feels very harmonious and well coordinated!

Smaller round bathtubs are a great choice for bathrooms that need to save space. It’s a smart way to have an amazing copper soaking tub and save room in your chic little bathroom!

Highest Antique Dream Copper Bathtub

When you make a copper bathtub a part of your bathroom, you understand the value it has in channeling that special antique look and all that it has to offer. It’s amazing and amazing, instantly turning your bathroom into something of a dream!

The natural urge is to place a very simple looking copper bath tub into a bathroom full of raw materials, but you can tweak it a bit and bring a matte copper bathtub that will blow everyone away with its sleek and elegant look!

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