Mesh cabinetry is turning out to be progressively famous in the kitchen, and we can’t get enough of it and negative, we are not looking at getting down to the home improvement store and snatching modest chicken wire and stapling it onto your pantry doors. This style of lattice cabinetry has raised the kitchen configuration game. It’s smooth, tasteful, and refined.

Uncover the outlines of your dish product, materials, and stylistic layout with network cabinetry. It joins the fun of open racking while at the same time making things less uncovered and jumbled. The following are 15 kitchens with network cabinetry to show you precisely what we mean.

Grey Cabinets

Paint your wooden cabinets for a more upscale-farmhouse feel with gray. This way instantly elevated the kitchen as did swapping out the dated drawer pulls for cup pills. If you don’t have much money for buying new cabinets, you can just thicken the door frames with plywood and applying beadboard wallpaper to complete the change of your cupboards.

Wire Mesh Blue Cabinet

Benefit the open shelving while still keeping your door by removing the recessed panels and added chicken wire for a rustic touch. Adding glass to your cabinet doors removes the center panel and adds a plexiglass window. Consider only open up the cabinets that hold items you will want to display. But if you want a grey kitchen cabinet take a look at these 15 ideas of grey kitchen cabinet makeover below.

Gold Wire Mesh

You can DIY your own mesh cabinetry if you can cleanly remove the middle of your cabinet doors, but you can also buy replacement doors with the mesh already installed.

Wood Cabinets Wire Mesh

Mesh with Trellis

Gold Mesh

Grey Cabinets

Although this example here is more chicken wire, we couldn’t help but include it because it really looks marvelous. The chicken wire placement is perfect in this antique cupboard and this is one piece we wish we had in our homes!

If you’re up for DIYn’ your own wire mesh cabinets, Addicted to Decorating has a great tutorial, and we think hers are stunning! We love the touch of the wall scones, too.

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