Ways to Decorate That Won’t Break The Bank

Sprucing up your home needn’t cost the earth revive every room in your house with these cost-next-to-nothing budget decorate ideas. Small updates, either DIY or decorating, really can make a big difference. All they require is a trip into the loft, a tin of paint and a little love (plus the tiniest bit of bargain hunting).

Nadia McOwan-Hill Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor says, ‘Decorating a new house doesn’t always require buying all new things. Rather than purchasing new furniture or decor pieces, upgrade the items you already own with stylish new hardware or paint.’

‘Drab kitchen cabinets can be transformed by decorative knobs. And grungy walls can come to life after a fresh coat of paint. Accent the inside of dresser drawers with wallpaper, or paint a unique design on the arms of a basic wooden side table – small upgrades like these will make a difference.’

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re most definitely not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled some really easy, budget decorating ideas to help you improve your home.

Budget decorating ideas

1. Add some greenery

Plants breathe life into any living room colour scheme and in an all-white room like this one they add a gorgeous hit of colour. Not green fingered? Don’t worry this tip doesn’t have to pass you by. There are now loads of great fakes available and they look really realistic try Blooming Artificial for everything from plants to trees.

Nadia McOwan-Hill Wayfair‘s Resident Style Advisor says, ‘Live plants are an excellent choice for improving air quality and their growth is highly rewarding, although they can be hard to care for when natural light is limited.’

If you’re not much of a green thumb, decorate your studio apartment with artificial plants their visual impact on your decor will be the same as that of live plants.

2. Rotate your collections

Use your living room’s natural focal points as a means of displaying your favourite pieces. If the room doesn’t have a built-in feature such as a fireplace, create a focal point of your own with a striking console table or pair of bookcases.

Rotating your displays regularly provides an instant refresh and prevents a scheme from being too static. Vary height, shape and texture, but stick to a palette of two or three colours for a cohesive look. As well as hanging artwork, trying propping it too for a casual look.

3. Add a bookcase

Bookcases needn’t be traditional or built into alcoves. Instead try an asymmetrical approach. In this scheme, a wall-mounted case has a floating effect, painted white to blend into the room, though its shape stands out.

Colour is added through books and accessories. To break up the repetitive nature of a book collection, trying creating ‘breathing space’ in a scheme by using some shelves for decorative accessories, again tying in two or three colours for a unifying effect. This will add texture and depth to a room as well as essential storage.

4. Introduce a coffee table

However small or large your living room, a coffee table adds a decorative and practical note. Opt for one that contains storage, whether it’s an upholstered ottoman or a generous piece with shelving.

Glass options like this one are a good idea because they won’t dominate a compact space. Use it to display books, candles and flowers and place it close to seating. Moving your accessories around every so often will help to switch up the look.

5. Update soft furnishings

Updating a rug, cushions or fabrics can all have an uplifting effect. Try changing your cushions with the seasons opting for delicate florals, painterly prints and light graphics as spring approaches and heavier textures and deeper colours in the winter.

Repainting wooden furniture, papering inside bookshelves and adding foliage will all help to freshen up your scheme.

6. Upcycle furniture that’s past its best

If you’re thinking about throwing out a piece of well-worn furniture, stop. Take another look and see if you might be able to upcycle it. And here are six reasons why you should start upcycling. This wardrobe has been given a new look with remnants of wallpaper on the glass panels. A coat of paint or varnish, or new upholstery, are other easy ways to give an unloved piece another go.

7. Cosy up with sheepskin

If you don’t already have a sheepskin (or faux sheepskin) rug, this tip will involve a tiny trip to the shops. However, John Lewis has natural sheepskins in a choice of four colours, for £35.

Basically, sheepskins make every room look cosier and more luxurious – drape them across seats and beds or place on floors.

8. Change cupboard door handles

Give kitchen units a cheeky update by swapping drawer and cupboard handles for a new design. Cup handles and simple door knobs work well in a Shaker-style kitchen. Bar handles are also very popular just now and will suit any modern kitchen scheme.

Nadia McOwan-Hill Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor says, ‘Save money by buying inexpensive, neutral furniture pieces (like chest of drawers, headboards and coffee tables), secondhand shopping or by collecting family hand-me-downs – these basic pieces are the perfect canvases for DIY decoration.’

‘Make these pieces your own with decorative knobs, patterned wallpaper or paint in your favourite shade.’

9. Put up a shelf

Whether you want to keep favourite reads easily to hand or display beautiful trinkets, you cannot go wrong with a simple shelving idea. Shelves are obviously practical, but they also offer the opportunity to add character to your scheme.

10. Mismatch your furniture

Got your eye on a junk shop find, but worried it won’t fit in with your existing pieces? Mismatched furniture is far cooler than you think. Kitchen seating is a prime example different colours or styles can look great. So if you’ve found a bright red chair and love it, don’t feel you have to purchase a whole new set.

11. Neaten up with pretty storage boxes

Anyone who loves interiors knows that storage is their friend. Make a feature of your storage with cute trunks or pretty floral cardboard boxes not only will they give you extra space to store things in a calm and uncluttered way, but they’ll look pretty fab, too.

12. Hang a photo gallery

Photo gallery wall ideas are creative ways to cover a bare wall or a cheerless corner. Experiment with shapes, sizes and frame designs and put anything from old family photos to children’s drawings up there.

‘Gallery walls can fill up the large blank wall sitting in your bedroom or living room. If you don’t have a large wall free, you can create gallery walls around features like doorways and windows to add fun detail,’ says Nadia McOwan-Hill Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor.

13. Display fresh flowers

Fresh cut flowers are an easy and affordable way of turning a room round in a flash. They require absolutely no effort and you can go as big or small as you like. Even a single bloom will look great.

14. Repaint your chairs

Whether it’s your plain dining room chairs or your wooden bar stools, simply dip them in paint for a whole new look. Bright red makes a statement, while white or pale pastels will freshen up your furniture in a more muted way.

15. Create a candle corner

Collect all your candles from around the room and put them together in a corner to create a mixed scent so much more relaxing than a bright bulb. Or you could take inspiration from these fairy light ideas to create a soft glow, even after the festive season.

16. Get organised

Give everything a home and declutter as much as you can. With all your belongings back in their official place, you will have tons of spare room and create the illusion of a larger space. These bedroom storage ideas will help you get things looking spick and span.

17. Accessorise your bath towels

Bath towels are an essential and are often slung over the back of doors or rolled up in the cupboard. Make a statement with them by displaying the beautiful ones and treating them as your own pieces of bathroom art.

18. Pile up your cushions and blankets

Get all your cosy bits out of the cupboard and pile up cushions, pillows, blankets and throws on the bed. Not only will you create a relaxing den but it will also look straight out of a boutique hotel room. Win, win!

19. Display your artwork

Gather all your artwork out of the loft and finally get round to hanging it! Much like a photo gallery, hanging your artwork or propping it up on top of side tables will keep blank walls busy and give the room a revamp.

Furniture And Choice’s Style Advisor, Rebecca Snowden says, ‘Introduce bohemian design to the home for a touch of colour and whimsy. Soothing yet eye-catching, a DIY ombré dip dye wall hanging is a minimal, contemporary take on a traditional macrame piece.’

20. Rearrange your room layout

Feng shui your room by moving furniture around to welcome in natural sunlight, surround the fireplace or clear the doorway. Furniture can look completely different at a new angle and it doesn’t cost a thing. A super easy living room updates you can do in a weekend.

Angela Scanlon, stylist and presenter of Your Home Made Perfect says, ‘Moving furniture around is a massive test on how you feel in a room and can make you feel like you’ve done something quite radical.’

21. Frame your photos

Don’t scurry your old family photos or bright new snaps away in a photo box or album. Get them out and splurge counter tops and windowsills with pretty frames for an instant pick-me-up.

22. Make a focal point

Create a focal point by placing one large mirror, a bright piece of artwork or even a giant lamp centre stage. This will change the dynamic of the scheme and give off the appearance of an entire room renovation.
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