Serene Scandinavian Nursery Decor Ideas

Scandinavian style is very popular all around the world as it’s serene and fresh, relaxed and beautiful, organic and inviting. It comes to all the spaces designed in this style, and kids’ rooms are no exception. To show you the beauty of Scandinavian Nursery Decor. We’ve prepared some beautiful nurseries and some tips to design a cool one.

Color Schemes

A clean, white space is a must for the Scandinavian nursery. A blank canvas creates the perfect background for mixing textures and patterns. A warm off-white or even a light grey or cream achieves the same effect. Mixing and matching different light neutrals works well too – for example, pairing white with natural canvas and light woods. Add depth and variety to the monochrome base. With different textures such as a plush white rug, painted furniture, and pillows with white-accented patterns. Use a variety of patterns for added interest – for example, a fun, illustrative wallpaper pattern, triangular patterns in the rug, and circular patterns in the laundry bag.

Boho Scandi nursery with lunar wallpaper, a neutral crib, a rocker, a coffee table and a jute pouf plus a pendant lamp.

Chic neutral Scandi nursery with white furniture, pastel pillows and a rug, a basket for storage is a small and cute space.

Cool Scandi nursery with a stained crib and a grey chair. Muted and pastel color bedding, printed pillows and a pastel mobile.

Cozy Scandi nursery with a stained crib, a stained dresser. A faux fur chair, a blue elephant chair, some artworks and a play rug.

Dreamy Scandi nursery with pale blue walls and an accent one, white furniture, pendant lamps and a mobile plus toys.

Fresh and inviting Scandi nursery with a wallpaper wall, a large stained crib, a grey rocker, a white dresser, layered rugs, open shelves.

Fresh neutral nursery with a spotted accent wall, white and creamy furniture, a neutral rug and bedding, a mini gallery wall.

Modern Nordic nursery with a white crib, mmonochromatic bedding, some artworks, a basket for storage and toys of course.

Lovely Scandi nursery with tree decals, a white crib, an iconic Miffy lamp, some art as well as lots of toys.

Neutral and pretty nursery with a wallpaper accent wall, greige furniture. A round mirror, ledges with books as well as an elephant basket for storage.
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