Sofa Ideas for Small Living Rooms

From love seats to snugglers to modular seating, our sofa ideas for small living rooms offer compact and super comfy options for bijou spaces. Not surprisingly, coming up with sofa ideas for small living rooms requires a little more thought than if you have a standard space to deal with. Finding a sofa (or two) that will fit within set dimensions, while leaving clearance to get in and out and offering enough space for the family to sit in comfort can be hugely challenging. What’s more, you don’t want to have to compromise on style or scheme.

But, as with our small living room ideas, there are plenty of feasible options. Some will involve the model of sofa you choose – going for a smaller ‘loveseat ‘ or snuggler sofa as opposed to a three seater, for example. Or picking something with slimline or even no arms. Others may be more practical or decorative – such as allowing your sofa to blend with the colour of the walls, or maybe even creating your own built-in solution.

Sofa ideas for small living rooms and tight spaces

1. Make a corner sofa the star

We’ll call this the ‘go big or go home’ approach to sofa ideas for small living rooms. Get everyone seated with one piece of furniture, courtesy of a corner sofa. It will create an intimate seating area, which can be further cosied up with an armchair or two to complete the ‘circle’. This should be centred around a feature – a strong fireplace idea, or the TV, if you must.

2. Build a sofa under the window

When you can’t find the right sofa fit for an awkwardly shaped space, going bespoke is your best option. And it needn’t be expensive. A local carpenter should be able to build the bones of a built-in sofa seat, and made-to-fit seat pads are another affordable commission. Adding drawers beneath will provide precious living room storage for your small space.

3. Switch sofas for armchairs

Why struggle to squeeze in one sofa, when you could provide more comfortable seating for a trio with three armchairs? Arranging them around a chest or coffee table will encourage conversation. You can have some real fun here, picking the best armchairs in different styles and colours.

Do try and and have a design thread common to them all, however, or you’ll risk your living room looking like a furniture showroom. This could either be a colour palette – say, differentiations shades of blue. Or it could be the style of your chairs – curvy and classic, upholstered mid century, or square and modern.

4. Place a classic loveseat in a bay window

Love seats are the ideal bay window idea. They’ll also work in an alcove, or any space that won’t take a standard two-seater sofa,’ says Aissa Gonzalez, product development and buying manager at ‘Most of ours are between 110cm and 135cm wide, though we do go up to 162cm wide.

Giving you move space than an armchair, this sofa tricks the eye into making this spot by the window look bigger than it really is, and frees up room for a side table and a floor lamp. All you need now are tea, biscuits and a good book.

5. Go for a sofa or love seat that’s deeper not wider

You might not have the space in your room to go wide, but you can still create a luxurious seating experience by going deep. ‘A love seat is the ultimate spot for chilling out,’ says Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf. ‘We make ours extra deep so there’s plenty of room to sink back and relax. Add to the mix a comfy feather-filled seat cushion and plump scatter cushions and you’ve got something that is cosy and incredibly inviting.

The looser weave of the vintage linen cover adds to the laid-back look; the fabric is popped through a press several times to give a light and beautifully uneven colour that works brilliantly with this relaxed feel.

6. Perfect proportions

It isn’t just the sofa size that matters – the shape plays a part, too, and you may find you can seat more people than expected. ‘A large piece of furniture such as a sofa has the potential to overwhelm a small space, so it’s important to take this into account when browsing for one,’ Kate Tansley, creative director at Multiyork.

Opting for a more compact size with a fixed back instead of cushions and small arms will create a neat, clean outline, giving the illusion of space and order.

7. Make the most of details

Paying attention to the smaller details such as hand-tied buttons turns a sofa into something extra special. ‘This design gives a nod to tradition but in a fresh and elegant way,’ says Ideal Home’s Amy Cutmore.

The buttoned detailing brings a sense of heritage which, combined with the petit curvy shape and the fabric’s neutral hue, makes it a welcoming addition to a modern country living room that’s short on space.

8. Remember, small can still be statement

I love the impact a bold floral print can make in a room,’ says Megan Holloway of Sofa Workshop. ‘The right print can add pops of colour to a neutral colour scheme or create drama against a dark wall.

Large-scale prints can really make a statement, but they’re not for everyone. If you prefer a more subtle approach, use them on a smaller piece of furniture such as this compact sofa or go for a small-scale pattern in tonal shades as an alternative to a plain fabric.

9. Stay light and bright in white

Credit By : idealhome

We all know a white living room idea is the go-to colour scheme for small spaces. So if you’re after a sofa idea for a small space, logic would dictate that a white sofa is ideal. And it can be – though we’d recommend to maximise the effect that you combine with white walls so everything blends together, bright and light.

With this set up, you can then layer in the colour. This yellow and grey combo is soft and uplifting. Pick terracottas and greens for something more warming and earthy. Or teals and blues for a refreshing feel. Reds and blues will take you into classic nautical territory. Or you could bring in blacks for a stronger monochrome scheme.

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