Top Style Tips and Trends For The Living Room to Inspire

The latest living room trends offer all the inspiration needed to give living rooms an upgrade. Whether that’s redefining the entire space with on-trend green paint shades and investing in this season’s so-now bouclé sofas, or simply upgrading soft furnishings with the latest bold and brave looks.

The top new trends for living room ideas have something for everyone. You can choose the tranquil, relaxing back-to-nature looks that see you incorporating earthy colours. Succulents or get creative with the maximalist vibe, from multicoloured rugs to mix-and-match soft furnishings.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong because it’s all about self expression. And making the most of the space you have..

1. Grounding colours

Earthy tones are still a prominent paint trend this season. Natural textures such as rattan and woven jute, plus earthy pigments such as terracotta and sand will all be popular as we aim to create natural, grounding environments where we can truly disconnect from our busy lives.

2. Statement rugs

‘Hard flooring continues to remain popular in homes across the country,’ shares David Snazel, Buyer at Carpetright. That means that making a statement will continue to be left the rugs and runners.

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‘Layering the two materials injects an additional level of comfort under foot whilst providing a way to introduce colour into the room and delineate spaces; particularly in open plan rooms. Consider big and bold prints with large scale pattern and bright colourways to create a focal point in the room,’ David advises for styling this trend in your home.

3. Blue sky thinking

‘Whereas previously, neutral tones have been the most popular for living rooms, soft and versatile shades such as rose pink and sky blue have seen a surge in popularity for the coming season,’ explains Helen Shaw, director of Benjamin Moore UK. ‘Blue works perfectly in busy spaces where you look to form a sense of tranquility, such as a chaotic family living room idea.

‘Blue is one of the colours that require our eyes to do little-to-no adjusting, which will help to create a feeling of restfulness and harmony in the home. Not only does the shade bring a sense of calm, but it is also vibrant, injecting more life and energy into a space than a more traditional neutral tone.’

4. Opulent Grandeur

‘Opulent Grandeur continues where it left off last year, but it’s now moving towards opulent lighting and occasional furniture, and velvet remains a key fabric choice,’ explains Nina Findley, Director of Trading for Home at Homebase. ‘In upholstery, greys and blush are still popular along with rich navy blues and emerald colours.’

Investing in a velvet sofa is a great way to get the look. However, if you’re not ready to take that plunge, opting for a velvet cocktail chair or glamorous lighting fixture will offer affordable updates to your living room.

5. Down to Earth schemes

Freshen up your lounge and build a tranquil, fuss-free scheme with a clean, nude palette – creating a calming place to spend quality time. After the announcement of ‘Brave Ground’ as the Dulux colour of the year, neutrals are back with a bang. This season mixes neutrals with pops of colour, with rich, earthy shades adding personality and depth.

6. Invigorating greens

Green living room ideas are more popular than ever. ‘Green is the true colour of nature, it is one that we associate with the tranquillity of the outdoors – making it an ideal hue for relaxing areas of the home,’ says Ruth Mottershead, marketing director at Little Greene.

‘For a restful living space, consider using green on all walls for a cosy, wrap-around feel. Sumptuous jewel tones like Jewel Beetle and Puck bring warmth and impact to a room and are complimented with furniture painted in rich tones like Chocolate Colour.’

7. Escape to the country with a modern twist

‘Modern country is a strong trend we have been seeing throughout 2021 and we expect it to continue well into next year,’ comments Claire Wilks, Designer at ‘Our customers crave the touch of outdoor, country living and we wanted to design pieces that would be a mix of country styling but with a modern flair.’

‘Cue our new Patrick unbuttoned, stripping away the traditional tufting, we wanted a refined silhouette. It’s the Chesterfield sofa of the 21st century, perfect for those looking for a traditional design but finished differently, with a contemporary take.

8. Express yourself with classic florals

Classic florals are staging a comeback for living room wallpaper ideas. However, it is just sticking to the walls, it it covering the ceiling too.

‘Small and somewhat traditional floral patterns like the classic Jasmine connect us back to nature and make us feel protected. Especially when taken over the ceiling,’ explains Joe Studholme, Farrow & Ball colour curator. ‘For the more contemporary living room, Amime wallpaper with its organic weave is a perfect choice, especially when teamed with darker woodwork.’

9. Add texture with Bouclé

The trend for this nubby textile took off in 2020, and shows no signs of stopping. Embrace this fabric and opt for a bouclé statement piece like a sofa, or tip your toe in the trend with a textured cushion.

‘Contrast is important when adding this soft fabric to your space,’ explains Emily Dunstan, Home Accessories Buyer for Heal’s. ‘A plain, no-frills wood table will also help balance out the glam vibes these sofas can introduce. Dark paint colors will also make ivory bouclé material really pop.’

10. Multi-functional space

Multi-functional is the watch word for living rooms in the new normal. Now that our homes are doubling up as offices, gyms and pop-up bars, clever storage ideas are a must. An ottoman living room storage idea will provide space to store gym equipment, or office supplies. While a fold down desk will allow smaller spaces to be transformed into home offices with minimal disruption.

‘People will be looking for versatile pieces of furniture and flexible storage units that work across the home, creating seamless clever combinations for a range of needs and solutions,’ explains Rosheen Forbes Commercial Activity & Events Leader at IKEA UK & Ireland. ‘These functional, beautiful and personal solutions also create a sense of calm, which is particularly important at the moment when we’re spending more time indoors.’

11. Strip the look back to nature

‘There is a real surge for the love of texture and organic type materials. Such as rattan and cane that can give interest whilst using feel-good fabrics to create a warm, unique and inviting atmosphere to your bedroom,’ says Sam Hood, Co-founder & Creative Director at

12. Shine a spotlight on natural linens

‘Over the last few seasons bright velvets have dominated sales of upholstery at Habitat, however in the last few months we’ve seen an emerging trend for linen-finish sofas. These are rapidly increasing in popularity and topping our bestsellers lists,’ explains Laura Burnett, Junior Buyer for Upholstery at Habitat.

‘Giving a more relaxed, informal feel, linens in more neutral colours (natural, grey, stonewash) are having a moment. With customers focusing on using calming materials in the home, looking at more oversized sofas such as our Askem design that tap into the current ‘cocoon’ trend in upholstery with generous cushioning to emphasise relaxation and escapism from the outside world.’

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