The Perfect Ideas and Tips For Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re a cook who likes to entertain. The outdoor kitchens will transform your garden as well as summer meetings. There are many options to choose from when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Not only is barbecue available wherever you look, so is the pizza oven, cupboard, work desk and sink.

And you can create with complicated but elegant or simple as you like.From building your own, to buying off-the-peg designs or paying professional companies to build high-end equipment. so then outdoor kitchen can vary according to your desired needs.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

1. Position in the perfect spot

Find the perfect place in your open space to place the kitchen area. Make sure you have enough space for all your cooking needs. Hege Lundh offers his expert advice on determining what the perfect place is. ‘Outdoor kitchens shouldn’t be fully exposed to sunlight, as well as if possible find the least windy areas.’ A secluded place in the garden, preferably closer to home should meet well for most of the garden layout.

2. Entertain at an outdoor cocktail bar

Give your entertaining a cocktail-bar buzz, without leaving home. I would recommend a garden bar to make greater use of outside space, says Rhiannon Williams, landscape architect and project manager at Landform Consultants. A bar takes up a lot less space than a dining area.

Select key fittings, such as an outdoor wine fridge or sink, then build the bar around these. ‘Choose materials that can withstand year-round exposure. I would recommend a well-sealed natural stone top and treated wood cladding,’ Rhiannon adds.

3. Get creative with old kitchen tiles

If you only have a small garden, you can easily remove the small garden kitchen with the help of some tiles. Do you have leftovers from your own kitchen or take some of that there? Stick it to the wall or wooden plank attached to the fence to create a striking background for your barbecue.

4. Consider an overhead covering

“Although barbecue has been popular for a long time, we’ve seen demand for closed outdoor kitchens soar in recent years,” says Declan Kingsley-Walsh, MD at Morsø UK. The plan of a beautiful structure is that you can plan a garden party without consulting the weather forecast.

‘The best outdoor kitchens provide ample food preparation space and worksurface for pots, crockery and utensils, as well as seating,’ adds Declan. A long chimney will funnel smoke away from both the structure and your eyes.

5. Take shelter

Given the endearing unreliability of the British weather, it’s a good idea to think about building a cover for your outdoor kitchen. Go for a fold-away option to take advantage of the glorious sunshine (when it comes!). Be safe though – for example, a grill will need to be properly ventilated if it’s to be sited under a covered area.

6. Consider low maintenance materials

‘Choose ingredients that are easy to clean as well as maintenance-free’ advises Hege Lundh. ‘The key to this is choosing ingredients that are 100 percent natural. subsequently a completely natural stone will be used for the elements and requires only a little maintenance – a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough!

7. Build a budget outdoor kitchen

Once you’ve worked out your budget, shop around to find a range that’s right for you. Ikea has a fantastic range of affordable outdoor kitchen products, including this charcoal barbecue with a detachable trolley and storage cabinet. They also, of course, have matching garden furniture to complete the look.

8. Stay warm with an outdoor fire

When dinner is finished and you’re relaxing with full tummies, what better way to keep the evening going strong than by cosying up under blankets and lighting the fire?

9. Put safety first

When choosing the design and layout of an outdoor kitchen, put safety first. ‘Take safety into consideration when planning your kitchen’ says Lundhs’ Hege Lundh. If you are planning on installing a grill for example, make sure you avoid flammable materials and choose a worktop and surfaces that can withstand high temperatures of up to 300C. Take safety into consideration when planning the layout, make sure there’s a safe flow from cooking area to dining space.

10. Narrow down your cooking style

Are you more of a fan of barbecue or grilling? Whatever cooking method you choose, there’s something for you. Choose from an outdoor BBQ kitchen, pizza oven, stove, grill or a combination of everything.

11. Dedicate a place for food prep

Make sure that you have ample space for food preparation. You won’t want to have to walk back as well as forth to the kitchen or garden table with all your food in tow. Be sure to keep cooked as well as uncooked food separate so as not to contaminate one another.

12. Keep it cool

When you’ve got guests round on a summer’s evening, you’ve got to keep the drinks flowing. Install an outdoor fridge or wine cooler to keep bottles within arm’s reach. Just remember, you can’t install any fridge in your garden – look for a models designed for outdoor use and consider that you’ll need an electrical supply to power it.

13. Choose a weatherproof countertop

Your outdoor kitchen is going to be exposed to all weather conditions, so it’s important to choose a suitable material for your work surface. Avoid wood, and go for concrete or stainless steel instead. You could use stone tiles, slabs or flagstones, too, but they should  be treated with an acrylic sealer. This will make them more weather resistant and easier to clean.

14. Include storage for essentials

As with any kitchen space, it’s important to ensure you have enough storage. This doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple shelves fixed to a fence can work as a place to stack herbs, spices and marinades, and you can hang tools from dowling rods. A fold-out table provides extra workspace when it’s needed, but can live in the shed in the winter months. Make sure you’re able to close and lock things away so that they are safe from the outdoor elements.

15. Take the indoors out

Take inspiration for the the layout of your existing kitchen. Set the kitchen as well as cooking elements of the design to one side and keep it contained, only a short distance away from a dining area. this hub of social interaction will feel familiar to the kitchen you know and love indoors. Placing your outdoor kitchen directly outside on the patio is a mirror reflection of the interior.

16. Install an outdoor sink

For the full al fresco experience, include a sink in your outdoor kitchen so you can do your washing up in the open air, too. However, installing the plumbing required can be costly. You could look to positioning your sink on an external wall of the house, below an existing outdoor tap to minimise the cost, but you’ll still need to consider a hot water supply.

Make sure you have a way of covering your sink in winter to protect it from bad weather, and remember it will require more cleaning that a regular indoor sink! Make sure you plan accordingly for any water or electricity access, as this will play a big part in planning.

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