20 Attractive Dark Toned Elegant Interior Design

A dark toned room shows a unique character that is truly extraordinary. Interior design ideas that showcase a bold, formal, elegant and full of spirit.

Although we rarely find it used as the main color scheme for the interior of a house and or apartment; because it is considered to have a tendency to give negative effects into space; the combination of dark is actually very attractive

Dark such as dark gray or even black, have a tendency to display a very strong assertiveness and image of masculinity.

The assumption that dark tones are responsible for the atmosphere and feel of a space. The atmosphere that is gloomy, dull, and does not provide serenity is really not sufficient reason. The dark toned is actually a design idea that breaks old habits to present an energetic space with a sophisticated aesthetic. The popularity of a minimalist interior design style that popularizes the use of neutral colors; white and cream; Soft color schemes with eye-catching clean lines, further submerging the possibility of a dark toned for a chance to present itself as something worthy. The use of neutral color schemes is indeed responsible for the basic assumption; that dark are not suitable for use as the main color scheme of the interior of the residence.

Room design with a dark toned, apart from being considered unsuitable and not ideal for housing; especially in small spaces; is one of the trickiest color combination choices to use. Design ideas to create a serene atmosphere further eliminates the potential for an attractive, formal, and elegant space. It is presented by the use of a dark toned. However, along with the development of interior design ideas and concepts. With the right arrangement and use of decorative elements, a room with a dark toned shows its extraordinary unique character. An interior design idea that gives birth to a very unusual atmosphere and feel of a space.

The latest trend in space concepts with dark toned

The dark interior creates a bold nuance in every space. The dark toned gives the room a more natural, masculine, and slightly gothic feel to the room. With the exception of spaces with maximalist or even bohemian and chic interior design styles; dark tones are actually very suitable to be combined with any interior design style, minimalism is no exception.

A dark toned room is the latest way to show the appearance of a room with a strong character. The increasing popularity of interior design styles that emphasize an artsy and artistic impression is also proof that dark tones can be an alternative color combination that is in direct opposition to neutral and natural color schemes that are starting to look boring.

Room design with a dark toned is the latest way to show the appearance of a room with a strong character.

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Psychological effect in a room with a dark color

The power and authority contained in black represents the spirit of formalism, elegance, and being one of the most prestigious colors.

For some people, a room design with a dark toned may be able to provide an encouragement. The psychological effect of space with a dark toned is very special. It’s not easy to find the best room concept using the best color scheme and combination ideas with the use of main that tend to be dark.

Based on the psychology of color, black or dark, apart from being always associate with death, crime, and also a mysterious impression, can also represent strength and decisiveness. The power and authority contained in black represents the spirit of formalism, elegance, and being one of the most prestigious colors. The compatibility of black or dark is undoubtedly such a dazzling look. One of the most unique ways to be able to visualize space that cannot be obtained from the use of neutral such as white or cream.

The most important thing when planning to think about room design ideas with a dark toned is; how the lighting installation should be well thought out. Natural and artificial lighting, combined with the use of unique lighting models and designs. These are assure to be able to turn a dark room into an extraordinary look and even create a formal and elegant atmosphere. Here are 20 examples of room designs with dark tones; which gives an overview and inspiration how to have an attractive, energetic and powerful display of space.

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