15 pretty bedside tables at low prices!

Essential for installing a clock radio, putting down a pretty bedside lamp and stacking the books you want to read, the bedside table must match the rest of the room, without relying on the total look . We can easily mismatch our two bedside tables for a modern bedroom or if we like the spirit of recycling. However, we often buy bedside tables in pairs and the bill can quickly be steep … unless you choose a pretty bedside table at a mini price, like our 15 carefully unearthed models!

How to choose an inexpensive bedside table? 

It all depends on your habits, the size of your room and your taste in decorating. If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom , you can bet on fairly wide bedside tables. You can store all your essentials. And why not fall for a suspended bedside table , which allows you to simplify cleaning and which you can even concoct yourself with a simple tablet. 

Ask yourself about your needs: do you read at night, in bed? Do you need tissues, cream, medicine, a glass of water, to put down your glasses? If so, you will probably need an XXL size, with a drawer. You can store – or hide – all these small everyday objects. If you are very tidy, allow yourself a simple shelf, why not on several floors, so you can decorate it with a pretty basket , or stack your books tsundoku style. This tendency to accumulate can even turn your stacks of books into decorative items .

Pimping a bedside table is easy!

And if you don’t have the inclination – or the budget – to renew your bedside tables, consider these few tips to pimp up an old bedside table . First of all, know that the vintage trend allows mismatched and retro, you just have to sand and repaint a somewhat outdated bedside to transform it to your image. To bring a little modernity to the table, think about decorative adhesives, to place delicately on the shelf, or handles, which you can easily change, just like kitchen handles . 

Designmodernwooden or metal ,, here 15 models of bedside less than 90 euros that make us want to hang out in bed.

A modern bedside table, IKEA

A high bedside table, Zara Home

A caning table, Casa

A wood and metal table, Kave Home

A wooden table, Made.com

A wall-mounted table, Tiptoe

A rattan table, Sostrene Grene

A mirror table, La Redoute Intérieurs

An industrial table, Maisons du Monde

A white table, Cyrillus

A round bedside table, Tikamoon

A hanging table, alinea

A small table, IKEA

A Scandinavian table, Sklum

A black and wood table, Atmosphera

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