5 Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Models, Solutions to Save Space

The kitchen cabinet design is one of the rooms that must be in a dwelling, even if you don’t like to cook. This is because besides cooking, in the kitchen you can also do other activities; such as washing dishes or simply preparing delicious dishes for the family. Therefore, do not be surprised if the kitchen is an essential or main space in the house.

Each main room in a dwelling must have a variety of functional and quality furniture to support daily household activities. When talking about the kitchen, one of the pieces of furniture that must be in it is a kitchen cabinet that functions to store various kitchen utensils. There are various models of kitchen cabinets, one of which is a hanging cabinet.

As the name, this cabinet is hanging so that it seems as if it is floating. In addition to its uniqueness, hanging kitchen cabinets can also be a solution to getting around a narrow kitchen space. So, it is more efficient and saves space.

1. Minimalist Wooden Hanging Cabinets

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Need more storage, but your kitchen is limited? Don’t worry because you can add a hanging cabinet on the kitchen table, like this one inspiration. Following the existing kitchen set materials, this hanging kitchen cabinet is using wood without any carvings for a minimalist concept.

To maximize its minimalist design, the door of this hanging cabinet is using large, clear glass. In addition, there are also two clear black poles to hang this kitchen cabinet. So that the appearance of the kitchen doesn’t look dark, you can give a touch of white to the table surface or kitchen backsplash.

2. Luxury Hanging Kitchen Cabinets

Next, there is a hanging kitchen cabinet with a luxurious appearance so that by using this cabinet, your home will look very elegant and charming. Wrapped in white, this series of hanging kitchen cabinets consists of four cabinets, each of which has a partition in it.

3. Cabinets with Opaque Glass

If previously used clear glass material on the door, this cabinet actually uses this type of opaque glass. This hanging cabinet option is perfect for those of you who don’t really like exposing the things you have or can also be used to cover the inside of the cupboards that are not neatly arranged.

This series of hanging kitchen cabinets is flanked by large poles made of natural stone on the right and left. Apart from that, the gray kitchen surface at the bottom also makes this kitchen design look very harmonious as a whole.

4. Rustic Hanging Kitchen Cabinets

Have a rustic style residential concept? Take it easy, you can too, really use a hanging kitchen cabinet with a rustic design, like the inspiration in the picture above. This is made of quality wood with a slightly light brown color. Meanwhile, for the door surface, the cupboard uses clear glass material so you can see inside.

This hanging kitchen cabinet is equipped with bulkheads in it. Thus, you can store more small kitchen utensils, such as glasses. Not to forget, there are also lamps with yellow light that make this cabinet look very luxurious. The combination of the brown color with the dark green of the cabinet underneath makes this kitchen look very charming and not boring.

5. Multifunctional Mini Hanging Kitchen Cabinet

This last hanging kitchen cabinet is no less interesting than the previous one. Even though it has a smaller size, this cabinet is very versatile, you know! It is located on the dining table and chairs opposite the kitchen so that besides storing cooking utensils, you can also store various eating and drinking utensils. Moreover, this cabinet has a front and back door so you can access it more easily and practically. Hanging kitchen cabinets are not only a storage solution, but can also provide a more attractive appearance in your kitchen.

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