7 Unique Ceiling Design Inspirations That You Can Imitate

Various Anti-Mainstream Ceiling Designs That You Can Imitate

Home interior design feels incomplete if there is no ceiling. Apart from functioning as a cover for the roof frame, it can also be a decorative building element at the same time. The design itself is very diverse and is usually able to create a different atmosphere in your home.

So, if you are looking for a ceiling design inspiration that is unique and different from the others, here we have prepared it for you and can make your home more lively and attractive.

1. Wooden Parquet Ceiling Design

Who says wooden parquet only for floors? In fact, wood parquet material can also for ceilings, you know! The ceiling design that uses wooden parquet will make the residential feel warmer and more comfortable. Especially if you add indirect lights around it, your house will definitely look spacious and magnificent.

Apart from vertical patterns, you can also choose a palfon design from wooden parquet with a zigzag pattern. If you use this design, make sure that all the furniture used is the same. It is for the appearance of your house remains attractive.

2. Ceiling Design that Blends with Lights

Unlike the usual model, this design looks really unique because it is made together with the lights on the inside. Meanwhile, the lamp holder is deliberately designed in a curved shape so that the design looks like there is a river flow. So, so that the design is more attractive, you can also add a few more lights around it.

If you want to be more economical, you don’t need to use lights on the inside of the ceiling. However, leave the roof of the house slightly open to get natural light that will be emitted into the room through the design.

3. Dynamic Wooden Ceiling Design

Your house feels boring? If so, try using this ceiling design which is very suitable for use in simple and modern home models. At first glance, this design looks like a frame made of wood. However, the existence of a circle in the middle which is then divided into a triangle, makes this room look very dynamic.

Uniquely, even though this ceiling design is composed of piles of wood, the room looks even wider. You can apply a dynamic design in the living room or lounge. Do not forget, the wood material in this design makes the house feel very comfortable to live in.

4. Ceiling Design with Various Shapes

This ceiling design is no less unique than the previous model because it is designed with accents of various shapes, such as hexagon, triangle, and parallelogram. In addition, this design also uses a combination of wood and clear glass. Thus, you can see the view of the sky and tall trees outside the house.

If you pay attention, this design blends directly with the glass window at the bottom so that the room of this house looks anti-mainstream. Similar to the previous design, this window model is made in various shapes and is very multifunctional because it can be used as a wall shelf at the same time.

5. Semicircular Ceiling Design

Already using the ceiling at home, but it still feels empty? Don’t worry because you can add various unique ornaments to the design of your home, for example, a semicircular ornament, like the inspiration above.

If you still feel that it is lacking, you can also add a striped ornament which is also used as a planting lamp. Thus, it is guaranteed that your ceiling will be more lively and attractive.

6. Futuristic Ceiling

At first glance, this ceiling design looks ordinary. However, if you pay attention, there is a futuristic impression that appears in the center, which is a circle with two different lighting nuances, namely warm and cold. Thus, when you want to relax with cooler light shades, just turn off the yellow lights, and vice versa. This unique design can effectively make the atmosphere of the house cooler and more modern.

7. Ceiling Design that Blends into the Wall

Confused about aligning the ceiling and wall designs in the room of your house? If so, just choose a design that blends directly with the wall, like the picture above. This design is curved and uses hidden lights on the inside, as well as the wall design.

The harmonization of purple in the ceiling design with pastel yellow on the sofa and other walls makes this room very sweet and bright. By applying this one design inspiration, you don’t need to add more decorations to the wall.

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