15 ultra comfortable sofas for a completely cozy winter!

The cozy sofa in which we dream of curling up during long winter evenings. The seat is deeper, the cushions softer and more imposing and the backrests why not reclining and above all higher. The ultimate comfortable sofa that is like a cozy refuge!

A comfortable and cozy sofa for a warm living room

Having an ultra cozy sofa means being able to afford a cozy living room that creates a warm decoration Whether it is a small , a three-seater or an ideal corner for a large family, it becomes a cocooning thanks to its cozy covering, but also warm colors. It has deeper colors: a beautiful navy blue, a pleasant anthracite gray , a trendy forest green, a warm burgundy red … So many enveloping colors that invite relaxation and well-being.

What fabrics and what shapes for a comfortable sofa?

A cozy with a cocooning spirit when it is dressed in a soft, warm and comforting material. Among the materials to favor for a cocooning sofa, we naturally think of a beautiful velvet sofa that will be ultra trendy. Some models are also adorned with polyether foam or quilted backrests and seats. This is thus cozy at first glance!

The cocooning effect can also be enhanced by the presence of a few details that reinforce the cocooning style of the room, such as a padded backrest or a Scandinavian-style wooden structure . To complete the picture, add some nice throws cozy and big cushions to curl it! On the design side, we opt for voluptuous curves: a high backrest, wide armrests, an imposing base. All these details will make yous even more comfortable. To help you cocoon, here are 15 cozy sofas to spend the winter.

A comfortable green, IKEA

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