25 inspirations for a black and white kitchen that does not lack charm

Black for elegance, white for simplicity. If these two false colors appeal to you, bet on the black and white kitchen. Timeless and refined, it guarantees flawless decor! Demonstration with our selection of black and white kitchens that are not lacking in charm.

Parisian workshop style with a glass roof, very classic without embellishment, Nordic mixed with wood, ultra minimalist design or totally offbeat associated with pop colors, the black and white kitchen is rich in styles to offer the atmosphere of your choice. With these two “colors”, you will not take any risk and will have the opportunity to have fun creating the decoration corresponding to your tastes without ever denoting! Generally, the black and white duo in decoration adopts 3 styles: the classic style without artifice where white and black blend naturally, the style full of character inspired by an industrial or retro spirit and the pop style where black and white are accompanied by a flashy color.

A black and white kitchen with character 

We define the black and white kitchen as a full of character when it takes place in an industrial style place. Sometimes bathed in light by a glass roof , sometimes made more authentic with architectural elements from the past, this kitchen insists on the mixture of styles, universes and materials, alternating between rough cement tiles, vintage school chairs and Tolix industrial chairs , vintage accessories, stone wall, concrete worktop, retro pendant lights, exposed beams , … This model mixes atmospheres to keep only one, that of a chic black and white kitchen with a reclaimed spirit.

An eccentric black and white kitchen

Certainly, black and white are classic and elegant “false” colors, but they do not prevent some freedoms. Black and white can take place in different ways, on wallpaper placed on a wall, on the floor by tinting the parquet with black, on the ceiling by painting the beams, … There are various possibilities for rendering the black and the white. white more pop. All the more so if we enhance the whole thing with another color, a fluorescent or flashy tone (a lemon yellow, a fluorescent pink, a lacquered red, a Klein blue). These colors revive the room and dress it in an unexpected eccentric style. Be careful, these bold shades are used sparingly …

We give you 25 inspirations to make the right choice.

A trendy black and white kitchen

A kitchen with a view

A black and white marble island

A large kitchen with black bases

A modern kitchen

A personalized kitchen

A graphic kitchen

A kitchen covered with black and white cement tiles

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