7 Most Attractive Curtain Creations, You Can Also Make It Your Own!

So far, mainly the curtain has functioned as a window protector only. This assumption makes you ignore the curtain design you choose. Even though the curtain is also a wall decoration that can make the interior concept of a room appear more attractive and prominent.

However, just choosing a curtain color that matches the interior concept of the room is not enough. Curtain motifs that are plain and only consist of one color sometimes do not have a meaningful effect, the appearance of the room remains monotonous and boring. For that, we have selected some attractive creations that you can try to apply yourself without spending extra money.

Use Dip-Dye Technique for Curtain Coloring

To get an artistic and unique curtain look, you can try dyeing it with the dip-dye technique. This kind of curtain coloring technique does require patience when doing it, but you can be sure that the results you get are also very satisfying. The curtains that were originally plain now show a very artistic color gradation effect.

Make it Fun with Tassel

For you bohemian style lovers, you must be familiar with tassels. This ornament is also often added to fabrics or curtains to enliven. You can get a festive curtain look by sewing tassel on the sides of the curtains. Install the curtains with triangular triangles for a more casual and effortless look.

If sewing is too difficult to do, then take advantage of tassel fabrics that are no longer used as curtains. Also choose fabrics with eye-catching patterns and patterns, like this yellow tablecloth for example.

Painted Curtains for Kids Room

Take your little one to be creative with you in the child’s room. For this one curtain creation you can take advantage of existing curtains or use a white cotton cloth. Then provide painting and watercolor equipment.

Feel free to pour your imagination on the curtains. To simplify the process, it’s a good idea to determine a concept and make a sketch first. Besides being able to produce something together, you also become closer to him.

Burlap Cellular Shades

Do you have a window design that is small and elongated? If you use wide horizontal blinds, this window will not work properly. Use a vertical curtain in a roman shade style with a light fabric so it doesn’t seem heavy.

If you are bored with using vitrase cloth, you can use burlap. Its thin and coarse texture creates a warm natural feel when sunlight shines through it.

Shower Curtain Not For Bathroom

Who says the shower curtain can’t be used in a room other than the bathroom? Even though it is made of plastic, the shower curtain is enough to block the hot sun during the day and keep you private at night. Apart from being cheaper than ordinary curtains, shower curtains also have a variety of motifs that are no less cute and interesting.

Decorate the Curtain with Paper Flowers

This curtain creation with paper flowers not only enlivens the appearance of the room, but can also be an interesting installation. The flower motif on the curtains looks embossed, featuring a three-dimensional accent.

To make it, prepare a number of paper flowers with different types, according to the size of the vitrase cloth you are using. Determine the pattern first before attaching it to the curtains.

Macrame Curtains

Curtains can not only be used as a window covering, curtains can be a decoration that is installed on the door frame. On a frame that does not have a curtain, it is installed as a room divider to facilitate access to other rooms.

If you want a simple, light d├ęcor in your access area, try matching vitrase curtains and macrame crafts like this one. You can customize the macro crochet pattern to your liking.

Each of the curtain creations above can have a different effect for each room. This also depends on the shape and size of the existing window model. Therefore, adjust the curtain creations you make with the final look you want. Good luck!