7 Wall Decoration You Never Imagined Before

There are many ways you can decorate your house, one of which is by using the wall area. With the existence of wall decorations, the atmosphere in the home area does not just look more alive, if the placement is correct, the wall decoration can provide a visual effect on the space so that the low-roofed room looks higher.

If you think only photo frames and or paintings can be used as wall decorations, you are wrong. With a little creativity, the wall area can be a medium for you to be creative by making use of the items that are around you. What items can be created as wall decorations?

1. Clipboard Wall Decorations

Want to have a gallery at home, but don’t want to overcharge? The use of figures as a medium for displaying photos is in fact quite draining. Especially with paintings or artwork, of course the price is not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an art gallery without these two items. Try to use other, simpler medium, such as clipboard.

2. Wallpaper Artwork

If you have unused wallpaper or wall covering, you shouldn’t throw it away just yet. As a wall decoration, wallpaper can also be transformed into other types of wall decorations. Frame this wallpaper on a frame then place it in the middle of the room, the artwork from this wallpaper is ready to become the focal point of the room that stole the show. In order for the wallpaper to appear like a work of art, place it on a photo frame that extends its shape.

3. Old Book Pages for Antique Walls

Other unused items — such as used novels — can also be created as wall decorations. The pieces of paper can be arranged and then glued to the wall. The worn texture of the paper can give it a special classic touch when installed as a decorative accent on the bed. This wall decoration is suitable for use in rooms that carry a vintage design.

4. Unique Book Cover Wall Art

In addition to using book pages that are no longer in use, displaying unique book covers on a frame can also be an interesting wall decoration. Placing it on the wall also needs attention. The distance from the floor to the wall can be a fulcrum to begin assembling a collage arrangement of photo frames containing the cover of this book. If these frames are to be mounted on an empty wall, the ideal distance is 150 cm from the floor.

5. Artistic Ethnic Plates

When decorating walls, it’s not limited to one or two types of wall decorations, using various types of wall decorations can create the maximum appearance of the decoration. As in this ethnic-themed room, starting from the woven plate, macramé, and photo frames combined into a neat wall decoration unit. In order to be strung in a balanced composition, make a template in the form of a drafting scheme first.

6. Handkerchief Collage

There are several corners in the house that are used specifically as decoration corners, where the wall decorations go well with the console table and flower vases. If you are confused about what kind of wall decoration for this decoration corner, this wall decoration from a handkerchief collage can be a complement to make the decoration corner even more dynamic. To place it, leave a distance of up to 12 inch from the console table when arranged lengthwise.

7. Rug Headboard

A rug doesn’t always have to be spread out on the floor. By stretching it over the bed, it turns out that the rug can add to the diversity of textures in your bedroom, especially when you share the bed with roommates or relatives. The headboard of a tapestry or Mandala tapestry can be used to divide your personal area.