Save Your Budget With These 9 Cardboard DIY Decoration Ideas!

Talking about home decor, we most like to explore all kinds of jewelry that can beautify the interior of the house, from exclusive to homemade. This time, we would like to invite you to take a peek at the beauty of cardboard crafts. These used items are indeed the most powerful to be transformed into cool new functions.

1. DIY Cardboard Animal Bookshelf

Its cute shape is suitable as an additional decoration in the interior of the family room or children’s room. Craft from cardboard is available for sale by professional handmade or you can process it yourself DIY. Try shaping some of your favorite animal pieces and turning them into bookshelves.

2. DIY Cardboard Kitchen Spices Display

Crafts from cardboard are often processed into useful household products, both as display racks as well as unique decorations that are worth to display. This example of cardboard craft is settle in the corner of the kitchen table with a sweet color display. Containing kitchen ingredients, cooking shows are more practical and fun.

3. DIY Cardboard Cactus Decor

Want a cute house decoration in the shape of a plant? This cardboard craft is the answer! With cactus or plant motifs of various shapes, this cardboard craft is not only easy to make, but also does not require maintenance at all. Make sure the colors are colorful to make them more attractive.

4. Toiletries Basket

Want to try an inexpensive alternative to the prettiest toilet organizer? Just try a craft solution from cardboard on this one. It is enough to wrap the cardboard with raffia, attach a white cloth and make a cardboard craft that is no different from the original basket product.

5. Geometric Decoration

Adding flair to a corner of your home can be as easy as adding a cardboard craft. The modern hexagonal geometric shapes can be used as inspiration for beautiful wall hangings, add watercolor or gold spray paint. The result? So deh crafts from cardboard in the form of unique and personal wall decorations.

6. Cardboard Home Furniture

Craft from cardboard has indeed been seen as an opportunity for environmentally friendly furniture around the world. Not only reliable in terms of eco-friendly, but this cardboard craft is also highly functional and has an adorable cute design.

7. DIY Photo Frame

Home decoration is mandatory for every home, especially those with a family, this beautiful frame in the form of cardboard crafts is processed by yourself. Neat workmanship and creative variations are the keys so that the craft from cardboard is worthy of display. So it must be done wholeheartedly.

8. Coffee Table Tray

No need to spend a lot for a beautiful placemat on the home table. Thanks to cardboard crafts, you can have a placemat wrapped in thick cloth or quality paper for best results. What is important, keep it away from water and keep the crafts from cardboard clean so that they are durable.