Here Are 7 Home Color Trends in 2021!

Who can’t wait to enter the new year? Yes, the change of year is always a moment that many people look forward to. Apart from the new year, new spirits and hopes, there are also other new things that even become a trend every year, one of which is the home color.

Home color is an important element. Not only can it make a house more beautiful and attractive, but it can also create a certain impression, even affect the mood of the occupants. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there is a trend of house colors every year.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, the colors that will be trending in 2021, including home colors, are bright colors that are full of energy and can evoke the mood.We have prepared seven home color trends in 2021 and their inspirations. You must be curious, right? Come on, just have a look together!

1. Marigold

As the name implies, this trend is inspired by ornamental marigold flowers with a golden orange plus a touch of bright yellow. This is believed to be able to provide positive energy and optimism to its residents.

Marigold house colors can also create a warm feel. Therefore, this is very suitable to be applied to spaces that are often a gathering place, such as the living room, family room, or dining room. To give it a sweeter touch, you can combine the colors of this house with white, light brown, or black.

2. Raspberry Sorbet

The beautiful and tantalizing color of the raspberry fruit is adapted to trend in 2021 as the raspberry sorbet. This color is actually similar to the fuchsia or magenta, it’s just that the raspberry sorbet color is softer and fresher so it remains comfortable on the eye.

You can combine the colors of this house with natural colors, such as brown or even green like raspberries that still hang on the plants. When applying to a room, you should use the color of this house on one side only to avoid the impression that it is excessive and narrow. Meanwhile, for the other side you can use white or cream.

3. Cerulean

Cerulean house reflects the clear blue sky during the day. Besides being beautiful and charming, the colors of this house can provide a soothing and peaceful psychological effect so that the residential atmosphere becomes more comfortable.

Just like the expansive blue sky, Cerulean house can also create the illusion of a spacious room. Therefore,this color is perfect for those of you who have small dwellings with any design concept, from simple, minimalist, to modern homes.

4. Burnt Coral

Tired of the pink house, but still want to look feminine? If so, you can use the burnt coral which is also included in the 2021 house warrants trend. As the name implies, this home color is a coral, but with a lighter and softer touch.

Thanks to its pretty and sweet color, this burnt coral can make your home look more charming. Although this color is most often used in bedrooms, you can also apply it to the kitchen, living room, children’s play room, or even the bathroom.

5. Green Ash

Green is one of the favorite colors that is often used in homes because it can provide a calming atmosphere. Now, for the 2021 house color trend, green ash with a slightly cool tone, but still able to relax.

Don’t hesitate to apply it to the entire room because the color scheme of this house is so soft that it won’t look tacky. You can also add pictures of leaves using wall stickers.

Uniquely, this green ash does not look monotonous when combined with furniture or furniture of the same color derivative, in fact it looks very harmonious. Meanwhile, other colors that work well with green ash house colors are gold, cream, white, and black.

6. Rust

For those of you who like earthy tones, the rust house color can be an option. This is closely related to the earth elements of the earth and also symbolizes the color of the leaves in autumn. By using house rust colors, a natural feel will be created in your home.

Besides that, there is also a warm impression that will envelop your family from the colors of this house. You can use house rust colors to make the house look more classic or vintage. Don’t forget to also add various matching decorations, such as chandeliers, flower vases, and paintings to enhance its appearance.

7. Amethyst Orchid

Want to make the atmosphere of the house more exotic and luxurious? Try using an amethyst orchid house color which is a derivative of the purple. This charming color has a grand and bold feel, but still soft.

You can apply the colors of this house in the living room and bedroom. To be more glamorous, combine the colors of this house with gold colors or with crystal decorations. This house color that is inspired by the combination of orchid and amethyst stone colors is guaranteed to give a unique and elegant touch to your home.

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