20 trends to adopt in the kitchen for 2020

In a few years, the kitchen has returned to the center of the game in our homes. From a simple functional room to prepare meals, it has turned into a friendly place where cooking should no longer be a chore but a pleasure. Warmer, more comfortable, and always more practical, we are happy to spend moments with family or friends. And because it is now considered as a real reception room, new furnishing solutions have recently multiplied. 

First with new materials, colors and lines that renew its decorative codes. But also by technology which improves both our culinary prowess and our daily comfort. In this room more than any other in the house, new things keep appearing so well that it is not always easy to stay up to date. So what does the ideal kitchen look like in 2020  ? We decipher for you the main trends recently spotted on the market.

Black cuisine is a hit

If there is one kitchen in which to invest in 2020 it is it: the black kitchen . Although it has an unpleasant reputation – understand black is sad – the dark kitchen has invaded the pages of magazines and catalogs of kitchen designers. This dazzling success owes it to a comeback of less is more and a desire for simplicity in our interiors. The black kitchen displays significant advantages such as being able to combine both with chic materials (marble in the lead) and rustic (wood) and thus offers many combinations to make this living room a highly chic place. 

The decor takes its marks in the kitchen

Beyond the purely functional layout, it is now a question of making the kitchen warm and above all more personal. A pretty floor lamp, a comfortable kitchen rug , a few photos on the walls, a small family piece of furniture, the room is now decorated with many more personal elements than before. We take care of the atmosphere with designer lighting , plants or pretty tableware displayed like trinkets. And some even set up relaxation areas with benches and a few cushions. If the trend for sleek furniture remains in place, it does seem to be starting a return to authenticity.

Ultra-thin worktops impose their charm

A direct consequence of another major current trend which seeks to purify kitchen furniture , worktops are much thinner than before. Passed in a few years from more than 5 to less than 2cm. If you prefer a wood, marble, quartz or granite, natural and raw materials, and here again the ultra-compressed laminate version allows you to save some money. The slim planes are also available in less angular versions, with rounded edges. Be careful, however, not to choose a material that is too thin which would make it difficult to fit the other kitchen elements.

Wood triumphs again in the kitchen

If we had to choose only one material for our kitchens in 2020, it would undoubtedly be wood, which perfectly matches the trend of a return to nature. Use raw, with visible veins, on the front of storage furniture or splashback , but also on the floor and for furniture. Thanks to the rise of a laminate perfectly imitating solid wood, both to the sight and to the touch, it is easy to dress up your kitchen without breaking the bank. But it is also fashionable to mix it with other materials, which are also rather raw. Kitchen designers are therefore happy to add a touch of marble, concrete, slate, oxidized metal or even leather to their current creations whose authentic style retains some industrial accents.

The niches and china cabinets display our most beautiful crockery

Old family furniture or contemporary showcase, the china cabinets are making a shattering comeback in our kitchens. Be careful, this is not to put your blender or your raclette machine, but rather your pretty dishes. Silverware, ceramics, and handicrafts are personalize the decoration. Some people do not hesitate to create a real decorative corner using shelves and a pretty vintage piece of furniture to display their most beautiful pieces. Kitchen designers have found out this new trend and recently have been using backlit niches that allow tableware to be staged.

The open kitchen disappears smoothly

The trend has open your kitchen to the living room , but it is in the process of transforming. Because where we previously need to blend it into the living room, we are now trying to delimit the spaces, by adding a central island , a bar or simply a dining table. Open kitchens continue to appeal, especially in homes with limited space. But the tendency would be rather to light re-compartmentalisation. It is also proven by the success of the glass roofs, which create a little privacy without, however, completely separating the rooms.

Storage is on the wall in the kitchen

If the trend to optimize kitchen storage is nothing new, it remains more relevant than ever. Increasingly tall furniture with even more spacious interior volumes appeared on the market. The worktops are now 10 cm higher than before to free up more space in the low furniture. Another trend is the appearance of hidden retractable hoods behind the cooking station, which free up space in the upper part. Finally, there are also more and more accessories (cutting board, cutlery storage) integrated into the work plan. In short, do not forget to plan everything for a perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

Green cooking becomes a necessity

In the kitchen, there are many ways to act ecologically. First of all by favoring an appliance that consumes less and less energy and is as robust as possible to keep it for a long time. If technology allows appliances classified A +++ to limit their energy consumption the most, we are also witnessing a return of wood-burning stoves which allow small dishes to simmer while heating their homes. For water, thrifty dishwashers will limit the volumes. Finally, to avoid food waste, a better organized kitchen, with optimized storage, or even a connected refrigerator allow you to better manage your food on a daily basis.

Kitchen cabinet handles become minimalist

No need to remind you how much in decoration, it’s not all a question of details … highly meticulous! Among them, in the kitchen, we find the kitchen door handles . It doesn’t seem like much, it could remain a detail and yet it is the icing on the cake. The door handle is everywhere, it emphasizes the identity of the room as much as the color of the furniture. Door knobs, designer or completely minimalist door handles, leather or shell-shaped handles. There are many possibilities to renovate your kitchen at a low price. They can be found both with kitchen designers and brands like Castorama or Leroy Merlin. Note that very trendy brands like SuperFront offer special IKEA kitchen door handles for the more picky.

Built-in appliances are becoming a priority in the kitchen

Nothing exceeds in the kitchen, that’s roughly the main idea to follow. If the decoration is exposed more and more, the household appliances play the card of discretion. Refrigerator , oven and dishwasher fit together brilliantly so as not to distort the decor. The kitchen thus plays the card of harmony in the smallest details thanks to scrupulously expert kitchen designers to imagine kitchen equipment more and more design and discreet. Some, like Darty, even offer an integrated television that is resistant to splashing water and has an anti-fingerprint coating. What does this have to do with household appliances? Well, this one is likely to slip right above an oven, ultra clever!

The tables extend the central island

Directly integrated into the central island, the dining table can also be attached to it, extend it, or even fit inside the latter. Retractable or fixed, it is in any case more and more often associated with the island. A furnishing trend that adds fluidity to the separation of spaces. At the same height, lower or even above, the table is not necessarily the same material as the island, as long as it blends in well with the atmosphere and allows its centrality to be open. Finally to sit there, we note a return of the benches, for the convivial and authentic side.

The kitchen wall becomes a real player in the decor

It’s not just the furniture that counts in the kitchen! As in all the rooms of the house, the wall here plays a real role in the look of the room. Crédence but also other sections of wall welcome the trends of the moment here. Rather fanciful trends that dare as much color as original shapes. The wall covering becomes more invigorating than ever: graphic, unstructured, colored, it brings singularity to the room. We note for 2020 a certain penchant for zelliges , very decorative glazed tiles from Morocco, and more daring colors such as yellow or terracotta. 

Kitchen faucets are chicer than ever

In the same vein as the door handles, the  kitchen faucet performs well. In stainless steel, brass or copper, it matches more than ever the style of the kitchen , the better it comes to refine the look in the smallest details. Besides its material, what counts now is its atypical shape. Slender and minimalist, vintage to perfection or mat black design: the mixer sets the tone just like all the other kitchen elements. 

Professional equipment becomes fundamental in the kitchen

With the success of cooking shows, the general public has discovered many utensils and appliances used by professionals. Galvanized by the taste prowess of which they are capable, many individuals today wish to equip themselves with a suitable equipment. Designer hood, 6-burner stove (or more), wine or cheese cellar, ice cream maker or steamer, the range of products is endless, as long as the quality is there. So some people gladly pamper their kitchen as others would have done for their car by taking care of both the bodywork and the engine.  Professional  cooking  becomes accessible to all!

Monochrome colors enhance the kitchen

If white has always been a safe bet in the kitchen, black has established itself as a serious competition. Likewise, if gloss is still predominant, matt facades are gaining more and more ground. So in 2020, the kitchen is playing the monochrome look card with elegant and sometimes unexpected colors such as old pink, terracotta or khaki green. Colors that invade the catalogs of kitchen designers and are all very tempting …

The facades of the furniture are more refined than ever

While the trend is natural and authentic, but it is not a question of abandoning years of minimalism. The finesse remains in place and the more the furniture manages to erase the junctions and the hollows, the better. In some cases, the handles disappear to no longer interrupt the rhythm of the facades and for an increasingly elegant result. A style that settles year after year, to the point of almost becoming the norm today.

Raw materials confirm their comeback

After the success of ultra modern and minimalist kitchens, we are now witnessing a return of more authentic atmospheres. And that starts with a plebiscite for natural materials. Raw wood in the lead, but also marble, which has made an extraordinary breakthrough in recent months. Used mainly in worktops, like granite or quartz, when cork or slate are readily found in splashbacks. The raw materials are mixed together to compose a setting that is both cozy and relaxing.

The kitchen is always subject to home staging

Here is another trend initiated by television shows, that of home staging which consists of renovating your kitchen at a lower cost . A method that allows you to change the atmosphere without really changing the cuisine . Without ever really touching the plan in place, all it takes is a few brushstrokes, plating laminate on the front or on the worktop, changing the handles and renewing some furniture to give a new look to the room without spending a lot of money. ‘silver. 

Glass roofs confirm their success

Rather unusual a few years ago, the glass roofs confirmed their ultra-decorative advantage in the kitchen. They respond to the tendency to re-compartmentalize without cutting the room off from light or views. Providing a slight intimacy, but above all a delimitation of spaces, the glass roofs continue to seduce more and more people.

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