7 essentials for a trendy Christmas table in 2020!

What should the decoration of your Christmas table look like in 2020? Answer through 7 major decorative trends to invite to your table on New Year’s Eve to wow and surprise your guests.

In these troubled times, it seems that tableware is more fashionable than ever, competing with the art of dressing. Since it is no longer a question of polishing your look to go out, you might as well polish your table! On Instagram, the hashtag “tablescaping” – understand the layout of the table – is constantly being emulated. So although the prospects for Christmas parties seem more blurry than ever, it is very likely that we will have a lot of fun to sublimate our festive tables. Creating a Christmas table allows you to sharpen your sense of style, to redouble your creativity and therefore to have fun while surprising your guests.

1. Take to the skies with a very special suspension for Christmas 2020

Upper. Yes higher. You must always aim higher, it seems … so for your Christmas table , apply this precept (rather easy in decoration!) And invest the heights of your table, understand the tunes! If you have a suspension that is suitable and strong enough to hang decorative details, opt for this solution and create a sort of Christmas mobile thanks to pretty Christmas balls suspended using a system of transparent threads. Be sure to choose this small decoration in the same spirit of the atmosphere of your table to play the (winning) card of harmony!

2. Bet on beiges and browns for your 2020 Christmas table

Unsurprisingly,  beiges  and  browns  invite themselves to the 2020 Christmas table ! They are the star colors of the winter season and subtly elegantly decorate the Christmas table. Cream-colored Christmas tablecloth, candles and tealights with brown accents, beige plates: there are many possibilities to mix this palette of cocooning and chic colors. Tableware brands delicately explore these soothing hues. Note that its colors close to nature are ideally associated with another very prominent decoration trend on the table side: the ultra natural decoration picked up in nature.

3. Be ambitious, dare the decorative wood branch for the 2020 Christmas table!

Another more ambitious solution still: adopt the wood branch for a 100% natural Christmas ! Maintained in balance thanks to transparent threads, you will decorate this generous wooden branch with a light garland and some small Christmas decorations and why not green moss or pine cones. However, this creation will require a test phase in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on the evening of the party. To be tried with caution!

4. Play the natural card at the table when it comes to dishes

The Christmas dishes naturally gets the biggest role on this table we may do and undo several times – to view the number of lunches and dinners that follow on 24 and 25 December! For these festive tables , there are two groups that are created: those who do not want to change their table service and those who will want to invest in a new string of plates! And also for the latter, we could not advise them too much to opt for plates of a soft green enhanced, why not, by a fine white or gold edging of your choice. For those who prefer to keep their eternal and timeless white table service, consider waking up the whole by the presence of a fir branch in the heart of the plate or atable linen in an elegant green, just to stay in tones in tune with the times. 

5. Bring out your candlesticks for a majestic Christmas table in 2020

Grandiloquent by its passive a bit aristocratic, we grant you, for the Christmas holidays 2019 , the candlestick is invited to the table to shade the traditional Christmas candles . Majestic with its multiple branches, its presence ennobles the festive table. Rather at the end of the table, as a decorative and practical lighting reinforcement, it will take the form of a traditional heather silver candlestick or a more contemporary or even downright minimalist model.

6. Bring out your most beautiful tablecloth for your Christmas table

She is not to everyone’s taste and yet she seems once again ready to make her foray again on the table for the holidays. The tablecloth completes the look of the Christmas table, we prefer it to traditional placemats, especially since it has been able to renew itself gently and has been able to capture all styles. However for this Christmas 2020 , we prefer it in its simplest form to stick to the trends of the moment which give pride of place to an eco-responsible and green decoration . Linen Christmas tablecloth with light festive patterns, small stars or small trees of your choice, or lightly embroidered Christmas tablecloth inherited from our grandmothers: such models will ideally highlight the beauty of your table and your dishes.

7. Invite the tree to the table in small touches in 2020

No, the idea is not to occupy the little space you have left on your festive table with a tree enthroned in the center of the table . The idea is to recall the charm of our favorite conifer, the Christmas star, in small touches on your future sublime Christmas table. Let’s explain… Distill small fir branches in the heart of your guests’ plates, slip a mini branch into their napkin or create a centerpiece highlighted with a few very decorative Christmas trees. Also your table will only be more successful!

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