Small house design with warm and beautiful wooden interior

Want to make your house feel warmer? Adding wooden elements to the house can be a very good choice. Wood is synonymous with natural elements and its ability to provide a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere in a home. Like this tiny house design that uses wood as the main material in the interior. Even though it includes size limitations, this tiny wooden furniture house still feels warm and beautiful. let’s take a peek at the following.

Make the most of the available space

The goal of this project is to design an apartment for one person on a limited budget. For that, the designer decided to limit the division of space and furniture to what was really needed. In addition, the existing budget is allocated for selecting quality materials.

Added kitchen area

This residence is located on the fa├žade area of a second floor building overlooking the terrace and outer corridor. To maximize the space, they renovated the living room window section to expand the central area of the residence. From this renovation, a small additional space was created which was used as a kitchen area with a width of 1.24 meters.

Different floor levels as space dividers

For a residence with a small area, you have to be extra creative in separating the function of the space. Well, this apartment with a custom wood interior uses different floor level tricks to separate spaces with different functions. The multipurpose room area, which can be used as a dining room or family room, is placed on the mezzanine floor. It is located above the kitchen, with a higher floor level. In addition, a minimalist wooden partition is also added as a barrier between the kitchen and family room.

Unique kitchen sink

The appeal of this tiny house can be found in the elongated narrow kitchen concept. Due to the very narrow area of the kitchen, the kitchen sink was made using a wooden module that protruded and was built at the end of the corridor. This sink also functions as a storage area, a place to wash, and also to ventilate the kitchen.

The unique sink design that protrudes outward allows the water from washing used to be drained directly outside. The cool thing is, the waste water is then reused as water for plants using a water purification system

Furniture is specially designed according to space requirements

The availability of furniture in the house is very important to support the needs of its residents. However, due to the limited area, all furniture is designed and made according to the size of the room. This applies to almost the entire space. Starting from the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, to windows, all are designed and adapted to the space available.

The majority of furniture uses wood materials such as pine wood, bamboo pieces, recycled wood, including glass. All furniture is also designed with simple details, so that construction can be carried out with the available equipment without additional resources.

Comfortable bedrooms with recycled furniture

The bedroom is the only room that may have a large enough area compared to other spaces. However, this room still has its own uniqueness because it is filled with recycled furniture which is reused by the owner and adjusted to the needs.

Even though it is small, this residence still feels warm and comfortable because it uses wood as the main material in almost the entire interior. Are you also interested in applying this tiny house design to your home?