25+ New Mid Century Modern Look for Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the most challenging projects when renovating a mid century home. We often think of large, open-concept kitchens, far beyond the old layouts. Expanding the layout certainly costs a lot of money. Kitchen space must be separated from the next room or need to add new elements to the house.

But the mid century modern era teaches us that remodeling the kitchen doesn’t need to be thrifty in terms of function or aesthetics. When renovating a mid century modern kitchen, consider updating the finish, equipment, and storage, while maintaining an efficient layout.

You can highlight and valued several features of a mid century modern kitchen than removing it during a renovation. Most kitchens built during that period were massive, often galley style, with two counters parallel to each other. Modern mid century kitchens are not usually a separate define space. In contrast, there is continuity between the kitchen and the adjoining living area, form by a large area of the ceiling, such as in the kitchen above.

When renovating your kitchen, it’s best to stick to these layout principles rather than neglect them. Do not forget to consider the following points for updating your kitchen to meet your functional needs while creating a space that maintains the original design.

Maintain original style

Consider various options within your budget. You can create highly efficient and useful small spaces through smart design solutions. With careful planning, a galley-style kitchen will be very effective, with proper work ergonomics and equipment that is easily accessible.

It’s best to save money by not expanding the kitchen to indulge yourself with sophisticated equipment that can add to your cooking comfort. Update the finish with a material that is more durable and practical than that used in the original construction. If you are on an unlimited budget, adding new countertops and cabinets can be quite expensive, but it ultimately enhances the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

For a limited budget, you can simply update the counter or countertop finish, add new equipment and maintain the kitchen floor material. Still cute, right?

Incorporate new materials for your mid century kitchen

There’s no denying that incorporating new finishes in your kitchen will give your kitchen a 21st century look without breaking the original frame. There is currently an abundance of materials that were not available when the house was first built.

This kitchen was renovated to create a clean and modern space by adding a countertop and modern appliances. The beautiful color combination emphasizes the midcentury modern elements when combined with the wood finish.

Free up space for new mid century kitchen

A floating or free standing kitchen that is separate from the exterior and interior walls of the house, is a classic midcentury design trend. This idea is somewhat counterintuitive because we have become accustomed to placing the sink against the wall with the window above it. The importance of this approach creates a sense of space but, while maintaining the massive nature of this kitchen.

Take this kitchen remodel a step further by hanging the top cabinet above the counter and below the ceiling. This trick accentuates the ceiling and combines the small kitchen with the adjacent dining area. This latest design, combined with a sloping roof slope and wide glass windows, adds to the openness of the original architectural design. In addition, the counter also functions as a table as well as an island. Because the table is not attached to the wall, it creates a continuous open space, even though the kitchen itself may be relatively small.

Want to try other ideas with the free standing kitchen concept? You can place the counter as a space divider between the kitchen and the living room next to it. The top of the counter is made of display racks for glassware that are directly attached to the ceiling. This shelf partition idea gives a wide and continued impression between the living room and kitchen.

Extra storage

Then, how to create adequate storage space without expanding a medium-sized kitchen? Develop your creativity. Take advantage of every unused nook and cranny. In this kitchen renovation, there is a hidden storage behind elegant wood panels with hidden hardware.

Be at one with nature

If possible, add an elongated counter halfway outside. This idea connects the indoor space with the surrounding scenery. Taking advantage of the plentiful sunlight and accentuating the relationship between indoor and outdoor is a midcentury modern design idea.

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