5 Open kitchen and living room: helpful tips and examples

Open plan kitchen and living room is a common design option for modern homes. Its barriers, such as walls and doors, are removed and distinct functional areas are combined into a single shared space.

The open plan kitchen and living room defines a situation in which:

  • Existing interior spaces are rearranged by integrating two rooms that were initially built as separate rooms.
  • The kitchen-living room environment is built from scratch.

In this focus article, we will see how to design an open plan providing pros and cons and also some helpful tips for correctly mapping home spaces in full compliance with building regulations.

4 simple design rules of an open plan kitchen and living room

Summing up, below is a list of some good design principles to remember when designing an open plan:

  • Prefer multi-functional furniture that blends into a practical kitchen and suits the style chosen.
  • Build a fluid space characterised by moving elements (doors or walls)
  • Differentiate the various areas of the open plan (reading area, relaxing area, dining room, kitchen, etc.) with false ceilings, low-level furniture or carpets.
  • In the case of construction, verify the position of existing structural elements (columns, beams, load-bearing walls, etc to avoid unintended interference during work.

Design an open plan: pros and cons

A multi-functional open plan kitchen and living room allows for a wide variety of household activities and also provides a family friendly atmosphere. Now people want the kitchen to be an active part of their house, and this concept is by far a very common option today.

Pros of open plan kitchen and living room, which can be handled during the planning process, are:

  • Lighter environments
  • Optimization of space
  • More accessible and practical rooms
  • Improved sharing and interaction between users
  • More versatile, more dynamic and more modern spaces.

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