77+Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen: a mixture of two styles

The simple Swedish and Danish décor with rustic, woody elegance and the down-to-earth and practical feel of the American farmhouse style inspire the Scandinavian farmhouse style. The Scandinavian style of farmhouse seamlessly blends the two looks  for a beautifully livable style.

Unfinished wood, wide windows, plenty of whites, along with the occasional black contrast, and a minimalist approach to home decor are always present in this style in the home. In the Scandinavian farmhouse style, there are many plants and textiles. Besides, pops of green and bursts of cosy fabrics prevent a room from becoming too sterile.

You’re instantly encircle by comfort and a warm, relaxing feeling when you enter a Scandinavian farmhouse-style room. You can take a deep breath when you walk in, knowing you are in a plain, beautiful and functional space (especially kitchen!).

Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen

Although the dining room might be where the folks gather, you have to be in the kitchen to make the wonderful food! The kitchen should be a place for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, where you can make amazing dishes.

To brighten up the place, Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen use lots of white (think white shiplap or white cabinets). Modern farmhouse sinks, like a dark black or butcher block counter, are frequently paired with a contrasting countertop. These kitchens, in addition, are open and have minimal decorative accents. Instead, natural light, some greenery and an open place to meet are the decorative emphasis of the kitchen.

Also, my favourite Scandi tip is to try to place some black pendant lights over the countertop or island. For most Scandinavian designs, black is the statement colour and it looks fantastic against a white kitchen. Another concept is to put in an island of natural wood. The wood will look refreshing and bring in a touch of the outdoors, unlike the white cabinets. Don’t forget the classic sink of the farmhouse, which in almost any kitchen looks  good. And eventually add greenery touches and new flowers to, yes, even the kitchen. Because of it, space will feel alive and lightened.