20 Small Kitchen Remodel Before and After

I can’t disclose to you how energized we are about our kitchen remodel uncover and how well it turned out! Furthermore, I’m much progressively eager to share our procedure and how we arrived. Since it certainly didn’t generally look this beautiful. Our kitchen remodel was quite a while really taking shape. So to state we at long last have a completely working, refreshed, BEAUTIFUL kitchen is such a fantasy.

A little kitchen doesn’t need to mean you penance style or capacity. In the event that you are vital with your choices, you can utilize the space that works for your family.

Moving forward without any more goodbye, how about we jump into our little kitchen redesign prior and then afterward and how we arrived.

As a short recap in the event that you are new around here, we purchased this home 4 years prior in Iowa. It is a more seasoned home that hadn’t been refreshed since the 70s we presume. Everything about the kitchen was out-dated. Be that as it may, the home had potential and it was an extraordinary cost, so it made a decent starter home.

Little Kitchen Remodel Before and After

This is what the kitchen looked like when we got it. This was taken during the way toward painting our cupboards, henceforth a couple of the bureau entryways expelled, which we did a couple of months in the wake of moving in. One extraordinary reward is this kitchen really has a lot of cupboards, which isn’t generally the situation with little kitchens.


After we painted and transformed them into quite blue kitchen cupboards utilizing the shading Northern Star by Pratt and Lambert, it resembled this. We painted to dispose of the horrendous orangey cupboards and it looked better. In any case, now despite everything we had tile floors and counters and the old, unique machines.

While we realized we needed to redesign the kitchen in the end, it wasn’t in the monetary allowance to do it immediately. We lived with the painted cupboards and out-dated machines and floors for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, we discussed our arrangements and what we needed to do with our kitchen in the end. Being a cookroom kitchen, we didn’t have the choice to include an island so the floor plan would continue as before. Since we were doing the rebuild ourselves and we don’t assume obligation for ventures, we held up until we had cash set aside and we were agreeable enough taking on the work.

The Reveal

After 5ish long stretches of work, we completed the kitchen remodel! What’s more, with sufficient opportunity to save before our wedding 🙂 It was unquestionably a long barely any weeks living in a development zone and spending each accessible moment on the kitchen. It was a ton of work, however we’re so content with how it turned out! Each time I stroll in our kitchen I’m flabbergasted we handled every last bit of it ourselves and how great it looks! It genuinely looks superior to anything I had envisioned.

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To make your kitchen feel really extraordinary and interesting, join a piece that is custom or that has character to make it stick out.

One of a kind piece we had made for our kitchen is the dark metal rack. Since we were constrained to coasting kitchen racking on simply the one side of our cookroom kitchen because of the issue we found during destruction, I discussed what I needed to accomplish for open racking. From the outset, I was thinking open wood racks, yet I needed to tie in the matte dark accents from the ceiling fixture. At that point, I had the thought for a dark metal rack. I outlined it up and a nearby welder from my old neighborhood breathed life into my vision! I love that it’s extraordinary and one of a kind yet integrates the space splendidly. Dress it up with pretty jars, a plant and cookbooks to get some character and shading!

We utilized our current kitchen table and present day white seats and introduced an extremely fun versatile ceiling fixture from West Elm which includes a decent present day contact. I think it compliments the rural wood table pleasantly.

For the 4 windows encompassing our kitchen table, we went with white cloth outside mount roman shades. I love cordless roman shades since they’re commonsense and excessively practical, yet the white material gives them a light, breezy feel. Before our kitchen redesign we had blinds with lines, and I will never return since introducing these cordless shades! Cordless is the best approach.