58 Design Trends – Colorful Cabinetry and Tile

Finding kitchen cabinets that complement the rest of the space is an important part of remodeling. If the color of the cabinets clash with the walls, appliances and countertops, the final result is an unpleasant and jarring experience. Thankfully, it is possible to find colorful cabinetry that will complement the kitchen with a little careful planning and coordinating.


When looking for a color that will compliment any space, white is often a good choice unless the walls and appliances are already white. When the walls are a dark or bright color, white cabinets can complement and break up the color.

While white can look amazing in any kitchen, it is important to ensure that it is not an over-done color. If the walls and appliances are already white or an off-white shade, it is best to look for other colors to avoid the sterile look.

Natural Light Wood

A natural light wood color, such as putting a wood stain in a pale wood shade, is always a great compliment to most kitchen spaces. The light shade will keep the space bright and cheerful while maintaining that neutral look of wood. When picking a light wood shade, pay attention to the rest of the colors in the kitchen.

The best light wood shades will usually have orange, gold or grey undertones. The grey shades are appropriate for almost any kitchen wall, counter-top and appliance color since it is neutral. Gold or orange undertones are best for kitchens that have some light colors or that are primarily white to provide some toned-down colors.

Dark Wood Shades

Opting for a dark wood stain or paint color for the cabinets is another potential way to compliment the kitchen, but it requires careful consideration to avoid making the kitchen look dark and gloomy. A dark wood shade like cherry is ideal when trying to bring in more color because it has a red undertone that adds a hint of color without making it look overbearing and uncomfortable.

When planning a dark wood shade for cabinets, always pay attention to the walls and countertops. If the walls are a bright color, avoid dark shades and opt for toned down neutrals instead. Never put dark wood shades on cabinets if the walls, countertops and appliances are already dark.

Finding the right color cabinets is an important part of planning a kitchen. It is best to use neutral colors to avoid making the space overpowering or uncomfortable. Bright colors are best used as an accent or part of the wall rather than putting it on the counters.