+37 Blackened Plywood Covers The Exterior Of This Swedish Summer House

Plywood is one material that may be seen as both a curse, and a blessing. Many woodworkers stay away from plywood, wanting to stick with 100% natural wood in all of their projects. Without a doubt, plywood projects cannot match the beauty of traditional finished wood, but this type of wood does have an important place in our lives.

Plywood is very cost effective, and extremely strong. Plywood projects can be created which will stand up to abuse which other woods cannot handle. Start off by considering your own workshop. The most durable, strongest work surfaces and storage units often start with plywood. Using plywood when you are creating your own workshop just makes good sense. Everything needs to be strong, durable, and able to take a beating. Plywood can handle the job.

Plywood does not need to be limited to being hidden in our workshops. Using it, you can create beautiful bookcases, wine racks, entertainment centers, and many other projects. With the proper sanding and finishing, the projects look fabulous, and are strong. With the grains in each layer going in 90 degree flips from each other, the wood is not likely to warp, and in combination with the adhesives, is stronger than standard woods. Plywood is also available in widths which are not available in normal woods. This makes creating wide projects much easier. It also does not crack easily, and doesn’t shrink like many woods.

Proper Sanding and Finishing

Every project should start off with quality plans to help you lay out the cuts, get the proper fasteners, and make sure you have all the proper tools ready. If you find you enjoy working with plywood, you may want to invest in a series of plans, which will give you a wide variety of plywood projects to create. You will soon discover plywood has many more uses than you ever dreamed.

Plywood is not only great for building furniture, but is also great for entertainment. You can find plans to build a great ping pong table from plywood. Or if you feel really ambitious, you can build a pool table out of plywood and particle board. You can even find plans to build a bicycle out of it, not sure this is one you’d want to tackle, but it does show the wide range of projects available.

Many people start off on their first plywood project because they ended up with a few extra sheets after a construction project. You sit around staring at it trying to figure out what to do with it. Now you can see, with some good plans for plywood projects, you can turn it into some very useful ideas for your home and entertainment. Once you see how fun it is to build with plywood, you’ll be heading off to the lumber yard to restock the pile. Dig into your stack of plans for plywood projects, and let the fun begin.