37+ The Most Disregarded Solution for Fireplace Design Ideas For A Luxurious Outdoor Space

If you’re considering adding an outdoor fireplace to your home’s outdoor family room, you may want to consider exploring outdoor fireplace plans as one of your first moves. There’s a true treasure chest of outdoor fireplace knowledge available on the internet and elsewhere. You can use this massive knowledge base to help you plan your outdoor fireplace project and make sure it’s going to be a success storey.


Before you start exploring outdoor fireplace designs, it’s probably a good idea to consider the type of outdoor fireplace that’s ideally suit your outdoor living space. You’ll have a range of choices beyond the store-purchased, portable fireplaces available at your local home improvement store or outdoor specialty store. However, none of which would require plans, but all of which would substantially restrict your ability to custom design. Even prefabricated and modular units would usually require a base and at least a small amount of customization and construction. So the use of existing designs for outdoor fireplace projects requiring a minimum custom building can still be a good idea.

When you look at the many types of outdoor fireplace designs available, you will find that they usually fall into two categories—those offered by professionals and those offered by DIY enthusiasts. There is no law that says you should pay more attention to one or the other. Still, it should be remembered that whatever plans you start bookmarking or favourite, the old “buyer beware” saw certainly applies. As with any building project, there are inherent difficulties and risks involved with the construction of an outdoor fireplace (and others – not to mention potential municipal rules and regulations – for any exterior fire features). So if you’re planning to use your research for your own DIY project, or employ a mason or contractor to emulate the plans you’ve found, just make sure you’ve thoroughly checked them for protection, sophistication, and cost before you move forward. Also, do not forget that local stone masons and contractors may have their own set of designs and plans that you can search for—and for them, you will be able to check references more easily than anything you find on the site.

When your research has come up with the plans that you feel fantastic about it’s time to turn your inspiration into reality. Your first move will be to determine if your outdoor fireplace will be a DIY project, or whether you will employ a contractor and/or a stone mason to deliver the vision you’ve found. If you have serious home renovation chops and great masonry experience, you might suited to building a DIY outdoor fireplace. If you’re less familiar with stone cutting and building, however it’s probably best to employ a pro to design your custom outdoor fireplace.

Whatever route you pick, you’ll soon be enjoying the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire in front of your new outdoor fireplace—just the way you’ve imagined it.