Top Pink Room Interior Choices

Pink is one of the favorite and it is needed to be on your bucket list. However, many think that pink house design is too tacky and excessive. With a good design, a pink house can look elegant and cool too. Take a peek at the following examples of cool pink interior designs!

Pink sofa in monochrome room

To give a pink nuance does not mean you have to pink the entire room. Giving a touch of a pink sofa in the middle of a monochrome room can be one way to get your dream interior.

Pink and White Interior

Combining pink with white in the room is also an alternative to create a design without being too much.

Pink Wall

Applying pink on one of the walls of the room is enough to give a feel to your room. You can use neutral colors for tables and chairs so that the the color will stands out.

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Luxury with Gold Accents

Another alternative to give an elegant impression to give the room a golden accent. Starting from a cupboard or wall decoration, it can be a gold accent that will add to the aesthetics of your pink interior.

It turns out that applying pink to the interior design of the house can also make the house look cool. Immediately create your best design with various interior knick-knacks, decorations, and furniture that you like.